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5on Customer Lobby, Sep 10, 2012
Tree disaster. It was late on a windy, saturday afternoon when a very tall elm tree in our yard fell unexpectedly, and teetered precariously above the ground held by a weakening power line. Not a good situation. We have a yard full of trees and have used several tree cutting contractors over the years, none of which were available at that point. We found AAA Emergency Tree Service online, knew nothing about them and hoped for the best. We spoke to Joe, who got to work in a very professional and reassuring manner, and within an hour we had a tree contractor in our yard. The contractor Joe sent was extremely knowledgeable, tackled the situation - working until dark and then again the next morning. We would highly recommend AAA Emergency Tree Service - and not just for emergencies! They provided solid, dependable work, and we are grateful. more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Jun 17, 2012
AAA Emergency Tree Service did an above average job of contacting me with regard to the pruning I needed done, and also following up to make sure I was happy with the work. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of tree service. more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Jun 17, 2012
This company was excellent in attending to the tree that fell onto my neighbor s home. I was so concerned with making sure everything was okay with her home, this company made sure to ensure that I was taken care of in fixing the situation. In what appeared to be the worst day, I have found the positive in choosing AAA Emergency Tree Service. I definitely recommend them! more »
5on Customer Lobby, Jan 28, 2012
Cat Rescued From Tree. Our cat got stuck in a tree approx. 40' high. After 24 hours and trying to coax him down in a laundry basket and treats with no result, we knew it was time to call someone. Joe got someone out to our house within the hour. Jerry climbed the tree and rescued our kitty quickly and carefully lowered him to the ground safely. I appreciate the quick help. Top notch company to deal with!!! more »
5on Customer Lobby, Nov 02, 2011
I had a tree uprooted about to fall on the neighbors house around 8 at night and within a half an hour they had someone out taking care of the problem. I defiantly recommend them more »
5on Customer Lobby, Oct 16, 2011
HOA! I got a letter from HOA after a recent inspection of the property and was told that my tree needs to be trim or i will fined! I dont know ANYONE who does the tree service So, I looked up in BBB and found this company. The Owner, Joe, did responsed VERY FAST! and VERY impressive with their service. I am very happy! more »
5on Customer Lobby, Jul 28, 2011
Cat stuck up tree! A neighborhood cat got stuck up my tree and hadn't come down for a few hours even in the pouring rain! I called Joe and he got me in touch with a local tree service and made the arrangements with them for me to help get the kitty down safely. The cat was safe and sound before we knew it :)
Thanks for your help!!! What a relief!!
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5on Customer Lobby, Jul 04, 2011
My indoor cat got out and stuck 50' high in a tree. Joe was wonderfully reassuring and had made arrangements for someone to come to my NJ house to rescue him. Fortunately, the cat finally managed to come down on his own but I was so relieved to know that he would have been rescued. My indoor cat got out of the house on the 4th of July evening when someone accidentally left a door open during a family barbecue. He ran up a tree and got stuck at about 50 feet high. After hours of waiting and trying to get help from every source I could think of, I found Joe's website at 3:30 in the morning. He called back right away and reassured me that he would have someone out to get my cat later that morning, even though I was all the way in NJ. He was wonderful. My cat actually got himself down at about 4:30 that morning, but it was so comforting knowing that Joe had already made arrangements to have my cat rescued, had he not gotten himself down. What a wonderful company and service!! more »
5on Customer Lobby, Jun 16, 2011
Cat Rescue. Our indoor cat, Lexi, decided to break through a screen on our porch. She was missing for 48 hours before we had any sign of her. We think a fox may have chased her from her hiding space, and forced her to climb up a tree. With night fall of the third day approaching, we were frantic. We searched the Internet for answers, and stumbled across AAA Emergency Tree Service. We left a message, and Joe called back in less than a minute. He arranged for a tree company, in our area, to send out a climber to rescue Lexi before dark...they arrived and did just that. We couldn't have asked for more. Thanks, Joe! Lexi is back at home with her sister Luci. more »
5on Customer Lobby, Apr 17, 2011
A+ Emergency Service. We live in Fort Worth Texas. Had called several local companies for an absolute emergency! Our Huge tree was falling over onto our neighbors house. The only Company that would do emergency service was AAA Emergency Tree Service! They came out in 45 minutes. Took the tree down within 3 hours! Saved our pocket book $20,000 to $30,000 of damage that tree would have caused to our neighbors house! Thank You AAA Emerrgency Tree Service! Recommend them to everyone! more »
5on Customer Lobby, Mar 28, 2011
Our Tiger cat, Toulouse, trapped high in the neighbor's backyard tree. Toulouse was apparently scared high up in our neighbors ackyard tree suspected by a bobcat know to be in the neighborhood on as Friday nite and could not be coaxed down by any means - food treats whatever. Answered with 'Yowls' when called. Couldn't find any one initially to help. nOn saturday, the friendly local firehouse responded but were only able to chase him further up the tree and unreachable by their means and gasve up. Further attempts were unsucessful all through the weekend until Grandpa got on the internet and searched early Monday AM when the answering'yowls' diminished.
Around 7-7:30 in the morning he reached Joe of AAAemerlgfency trees service animal rescue and by 9:30 in the morning, Toulouse was safely wn and placed in a secure area in the lanai without disturbing a hair! Apparently none the worse for the weekend escapade.
At a very reasonable fee, with remarkably prompt response, in a very caring and understanding way profesionally responded to a very grateful and anxious owners. Thank you, Joe to you and your crew. Without rese3rvation, highly recommended and will not hesitate to recommend and use if need should ever arise again.
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5on Customer Lobby, Mar 15, 2011
Cat stuck in 36 foot tree. I called AAA Emergency Tree Service to help rescue a cat I found in a public tree on a trail in Denver. Joe and his team arrived on time and with great care saved the cat whom was returned to his owner. They were professional, very friendly, caring and attentive. I will refer them again and again! more »
5on Customer Lobby, Mar 08, 2011
AAA Emergency Tree Service assisted me in such a timely manner, I didn't even have time to worry. I woke up to a 20 year old pine tree laid accross my driveway with a totaled vehicle underneath, and had absolutely no idea how I was going to get this taken care of. I could not believe such a beautiful tree could cause such horrible scene. After calling a few tree services on my own, I went online and called AAA Emergency Tree Service and within 20 minutes there was someone there to help me.
I would strongly reccomend calling this service before spending time on your own. Not only is the service professional, the job was done very fast.
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5on Customer Lobby, Mar 03, 2011
My kitten Tribble got herself stuck about 25' up the big tree in the front of my house and was too scared to try to get down. Joe got someone to the house as soon as possible and the man got her down safely. Tribble and I are both very happy. more »
5on Customer Lobby, Feb 05, 2011
they were wonderful. A gardener started to take down an huge tree by cutting it from the bottom. When I realized what was happening, I searched for an emergency tree company. AAA sent out a man on Friday late afternoon, that not only was calm (I was beside myself), but careful, and incredibly competent to save the disaster that could have happened. He reinforced the tree, then cut it down carefully and with amazing care. I cannot thank them enough. more »
5on Customer Lobby, Jan 31, 2011
Saved kitty. Joe was the most helpful person there could be in an emergency. My cat was stuck in a tree, and he started looking for help before we agreed to use the service. He then called multiple services until he found one that would come Saturday night. The service was great. more »
5on Customer Lobby, Jan 01, 2011
The tree expert did a wonderful job with my big tree on my lot. He listened to my concerned and gave me a good estimated for the job that he would do for me. He cutted the big tree down and grinded two tree stumps. Great job! Thank you very much! more »
5on Customer Lobby, Nov 05, 2010
Cut down dead maple tree. AAA team did a great job evaluating my dead and dangerous maple tree that overhung 2 neighbor properties. In less than 2 hours, the tree and all the mess were gone. The AAA team thoroughly cleaned the site and even blew off my back patio. I am a very satisfied customer and will gladly recommend AAA Emergency Tree Service for their professionalism and pricing. more »
5on Customer Lobby, Sep 25, 2010
Saved The Day! My cat was 35 feet up a pine tree when I called. My call was handled in a very caring courteous way. Tom instantly put me at ease and within 20 minutes time I had received a call from someone in LA who was ready to come out, climb the tall tree, and rescue my cat. His service turned out not to be necessary as my cat decided to mysteriously come down on her own after I placed the call. Nevertheless in an emergency I was very thankful to have someone to call. more »
5on Customer Lobby, Sep 07, 2010
Excellent job. Well worth the money. I had a large project that needed to be completed in a short amount of time and they came to the rescue. They came out on a weekend, which very few companies will do. As a working person I greatly appreciated they would come out on a Saturday to give me an estimate for this job. They did an excellent job. Very pleased and plan on using them again in the future and highly recommend them. more »
5on Customer Lobby, Jul 21, 2010
Fast service. I had a large tree fall down onto my garage and both cars. The tree was hanging off the garage in a precarious position and I needed immediate help with removing it. I called AAA Emergency tree service and they quickly connected me to a local contractor to help clear the tree. The contractors arrived within an hour of my initial call. They performed an excellent job of removing the tree completely within 2 days, and that first evening they immediately cleared branches and bolstered the tree so my cars could be removed.
For non-emergency work I would probably use a local contractor exclusively, but this service was very helpful to me when I was in a pinch and did not know who to call.
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5on Customer Lobby, Jul 15, 2010
Great job! Great people! more »
5on Customer Lobby, Jun 24, 2010
Downed 50+ year old tree blocking roadway ... Sunday Morning & Father's Day too ... Needing assistance right away, I checked the Yellow Pages and found AAA Emergency Tree Service. My call was returned within 30 minutes and within 3 hours there was a local tree trimmer in my backyard getting the roadway cleared. I had an estimate by mid-day and the work began. The local crew was excellent. Joe Phillips was on the phone with me throughout the day answering my questions. I highly recommend this company. Thank You. more »
5on Customer Lobby, Jun 17, 2010
51 Water Street. AAA Emergency Tree Service was great! I found them online and they responded to me immediatly. They were able to get the trees we needed cut down within 48 hours of us first speaking. Joe Phillips was very helpful and thourough. Our company will defiantly use AAA Emergency Tree Service in the future. more »
5on Customer Lobby, Jun 07, 2010
AAA emergency tree service was quick to respond to our emergency. Our neighbors tree fell on our property and the power was out for 7 hours. Luckily AAA was able to come out quickly and remove the fallen tree so that Excel could get the power back on. more »
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We are a Nationwide Network of licensed and insured tree service contractors and arborists committed to delivering "More Than Expected" on every project. We don’t just trim trees, we improve your property.

Our residential and commercial tree services include:
Any emergency tree trimming or tree removal nationwide
Same day service
Cat rescue from trees
Immediate response to citations from the city forester or your insurance company on problem trees
A proposal for non-emergency tree care services, like seasonal pruning, stump grinding and stump removal
Consultation with an arborist about any tree concerns

Our specialty is taking care of your emergency and non-emergency tree service needs anywhere in the USA, 24 hours per day. We have the technical expertise and equipment to handle even the most difficult tree trimming and tree removal projects promptly and safely. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We look forward to serving you.
Contact us on our chat line, click the map above to find your local phone number or call our toll free number at 888-630-0555.

Corporate Headquarters:
AAA Emergency Tree Service, LLC
1115 West 10th Avenue
Denver, Colorado, 80204-3903
(303) 623-6851
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