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5on Google, Apr 08, 2016
I had a great experience with this team. Communication was on point and the service was outstanding. Thanks again. more »
5on Google, Apr 06, 2016
Our experience with AAA Emergency Tree Service was just amazing! From the first phone call to the completion of the job less than 24 hours later we couldn't have asked for anything better! Joe provided great customer service and communication from to beginning to end. We called him to remove a 30 ft. Blue Spruce that fell at our house due to a large storm; he came out quickly, offered a very fair price and got the work done professionally and thoroughly! He was also able to help with some other tree maintenance issues during the same visit! If you need fast, professional, expert tree care, call Joe!! more »
4on Google, Apr 05, 2016
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5on Facebook, Apr 03, 2016
thank you triple A tree service to come and take out some stumps , fast response and reliable service.
we recommend it
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5on Facebook, Apr 03, 2016
This guy knows what he is doing. Professional, fast, and great service. Pointed out hazards that I missed. Reasonable rates!
Thank you for a great job done.
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5on Facebook, Apr 02, 2016
Joe and AAA Emergency Tree Service was a life saver, literally. Joe came to our house at 9:30PM to help rescue our house cat who was 40 feet up a pine tree. Joe couldn't have been nicer than he was, and very helpful in our time of need. Thank you Joe! more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Mar 09, 2016
Quick, prompt and courteous more »
5on Google, Mar 09, 2016
Fantastic service. I can't say enough about these folks. I highly recommend them! more »
3on Google, Mar 01, 2016
Joe responded very fast, even came out on a Sunday. I was very impressed! more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Feb 26, 2016
Joe came out the same day I called him for an estimate. Quoted a very fair price for a safety trim of a bunch of scary dead stuff overhanging my yard. Next day, his crew came out and efficiently took down all the dangerous branches. Such quick turnaround time! Plus, the cleanup was just immaculate AND I have a bunch of firewood left over. Fantastic service! more »
5on Facebook, Feb 23, 2016
Very satisfied with AAA Emergency Tree Service!! They were on time and beat all of my competitor's prices. They removed a very large silk oak on the side of a very busy street with a bus stop in front of it! Crazy- but they did it! Will definitely use them again!! more »
5on Google, Feb 21, 2016
Joe is an extremely friendly guy. Very nice in this world of not so friendly "handy men."
I needed a dead tree removed. He came the same day. The tree was down incredibly quickly. He did a great
job of cleaning up too. Zero complaints. more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Feb 19, 2016
Way to go! I am truly pleased with the honesty and care I recieved from Joe, I would recommend AAA tree removal services to all looking for a great safe service! more »
5on Facebook, Feb 17, 2016
I stopped by a friend's house to visit and she was trying to figure out how to get a neighbor's cat off of of the top of a telephone pole, very close to power lines. The cat had been up there for two days. We called Xcel, the fire department, and anyone else we could think of, but nobody could help due to the proximity to the lines. Then we called AAA and Joe made some terrific suggestions. It could have cost hundreds of dollars, but Joe helped us think outside the "litter box." He also asked us to call him back in case it didn't work out, so that he could help find a solution. Fortunately, we followed his advice and found someone who was willing to help. Tonight, Willy the cat is back home in his bed, safe and sound! Thanks Joe! more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Jan 11, 2016
Great job. Trees look so much better. Cleaned everything up. more »
5on Dex Knows, Dec 17, 2015
My sister's cat had been in a tree for three days. She, her husband and her neighbors were having no luck getting the cat down, and they could tell that he was getting weak from hunger and dehydration. The fire department in her city does not perform cat rescues, and she didn't have the extra mone...y at the time to afford to call in a tree service. Having a real soft spot for animals and not wanting my sister and her family to watch their kitty slowly die in their backyard tree, I decided to help out.I live in a different state than my sister and knew nothing about tree services in her town. I found AAA Emergency Tree Service while searching the Internet for someone specializing in cat rescues. Joe from AAA answered my call, was extremely professional and reassurring, and immediately sprung into action. He gave me a price quote, took payment over the phone via credit card, and dispatched a technician to my sister's house. Even though I called AAA late in the afternoon, AAA's man was on the scene that evening and worked until dark to get the cat down. Joe remained in touch with the technician, my sister and me throughout this time to coordinate the response and to ensure we knew what was happening. The cat is now back on the ground and in the house, safe and healthy!I hope I never need to get a cat rescued from a tree again, but if I ever do, I'll call AAA without hesitation. Joe and AAA was a pleasure to do business with!Read more more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Dec 08, 2015
My sisters cat as stuck in a tree for 5 days!! I got joes number from my local SPCA ...I talked with Joe personally and he is the most caring and most professional person I have ever dealt with. He kept in constant contact with me through the whole ordeal. I was very upset and his expertize and commitment to helping us was beyond measure! He contacted someone in my area and they came quickly and rescued the cat!! I've never had service like that before. He exudes professionalism. Thank you Joe Phillips for helping me and my family! more »
5on Google, Dec 05, 2015
Joe came out promptly and did an amazing job. I had a large tree removed and another needed a lot cut back. He was always professional and courteous on the phone and even sent video as this is a rental and I could not make it out on the day of service. The work done was amazing. He suggested some minor pruning while he was out and the end result was everything I could have hoped. It had been quite a mess for a year now and he made it look like a new place. The clean-up was also meticulous. I will definitely use this service in the future. more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Nov 17, 2015
Building a new house and was told by our contractor that finding a tree service to remove a tree would throw off our already tight construction timeline. In a panic I called serveral service, stumbled across joe and within hours of my call the tree was down. Joe helped facilitate quick approval with city forestry and gave us a reasonable price. All around pleasure working with AAA. more »
5on Google, Nov 17, 2015
Prompt and professional. more »
5on Google, Nov 16, 2015
Joe and his helper were amazing. They came in the same day our 30 ft tree fell during a snow storm and spent most of the day in freezing temps and dealing with 20 inches of snow. He will come back in the spring to trim our other trees and plant a replacement for the tree we lost. more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Nov 10, 2015
Joe is professional, honest and courteous. I so enjoy working with him despite the sad news he had to share with my most recent call. more »
5on Google, Nov 09, 2015
I had work performed by AAA about 3 weeks ago and they did an outstanding job. Extremely professional and courteous. They not only trimmed and removed trees but also did allot of landscaping. Great job, outstanding people, recommend them highly! more »
5on Google, Oct 31, 2015
What a pleasure it was to deal with Joe Philips off AAA Emergency Tree Service for the removal of 3 large, 20-year-old aspen trees, two of which were nearly 50 feet tall. The price for the removals plus trimming a fourth tree was very reasonable, Joe amazed me when he climbed these towering trees and efficiently and methodically cut them down by sections without any damage to neighboring yards or my own yard. Joe and his assistant, Chris, did an excellent job on the removal and the meticulous clean-up work. I highly recommend AAA. more »
5on Google, Oct 31, 2015
I didn't call for a tree emergency, unfortunately. I had a 'cat up a telephone pole' emergency and while the dispatcher wasn't able to send out a rescue (as they can't work with ultility poles) he was extremely kind and helpful and walked me through a handful of suggestions to assist me in getting one of the two strays down on her own and gave me a few more suggestions as to who to call in the morning to see about getting the other down (if she hasn't gotten herself down by morning). Out of the half dozen people I called for help yesterday, the man I talked to here was the only one willing to help as much as he was able. more »
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We are a Nationwide Network of licensed and insured tree service contractors and arborists committed to delivering "More Than Expected" on every project. We don’t just trim trees, we improve your property.

Our residential and commercial tree services include:
Any emergency tree trimming or tree removal nationwide
Same day service
Cat rescue from trees
Immediate response to citations from the city forester or your insurance company on problem trees
A proposal for non-emergency tree care services, like seasonal pruning, stump grinding and stump removal
Consultation with an arborist about any tree concerns

Our specialty is taking care of your emergency and non-emergency tree service needs anywhere in the USA, 24 hours per day. We have the technical expertise and equipment to handle even the most difficult tree trimming and tree removal projects promptly and safely. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We look forward to serving you.
Contact us on our chat line, click the map above to find your local phone number or call our toll free number at 888-630-0555.

Corporate Headquarters:
AAA Emergency Tree Service, LLC
1115 West 10th Avenue
Denver, Colorado, 80204-3903
(303) 623-6851
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