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5on My Good Reviews - 2, Apr 12, 2018
Great customer service and excellent work. Cornell more »
5on Facebook, Apr 07, 2018
Triple AAA is amazing!!!! A poor little cat was chased up a telephone pole on Tuesday and between many calls made to the proper people no one wanted to attempt the rescue because of the electric wires. On Friday we called Joe and within minutes he had us on the right track to call Sturgeon Electric and wow!!! The cat was rescued within minutes!!! Thank you Joe what amazing customer service and taking the time to help!! Without your guidance this sweet cat would never have been rescued. The cat is now safe and sound thanks to Triple AAA, taking the time to care!!!!! more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Apr 05, 2018
I had a nearly fifty foot tall silver maple near my house that needed to be removed. I reviewed Tom Martino’s referral list and decided to call AAA Emergency tree service. I spoke to Joe Phillips who was very pleasant and professional, and within a short period of time my tree and stump were removed. The crew headed up by a gentleman named Mario was very safe, courteous, and professional. This was an overall excellent experience and I highly recommend AAA Emergency Tree Service for all of your Tree Needs. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 02, 2018
My cat climbed a very tall pine tree and even though we put food out, she still would not come down. I called AAA on Easter Sunday expecting to have to leave a message. Instead I spoke with the owner who was very pleasant and suggested I put out a cloth with tuna juice(from the can) and tack it up the tree as high as I could to entice Daisy to climb down. We were successful as Daisy came down near lunchtime. I thought that would be the end of it, but AAA Emergency Tree Service (who I might add is located in Texas and I live in Georgia)called to check on our cat. That was wonderful customer service. A big thank you to the people who rescue cats who are too adventurous or scared. I tried several companies, vets, and county services in our area with no success. Kudos to AAA. more »
Business Response:
Julia, Thank you so much for your feedback about our company and success that you had with your cat. From our experience we actually suggest rescuing cats as the last resort because of the inherent danger involved to not only the cat but also the climber. This trick of putting the tuna juice on the rag is actually quite practical because It achieve the same result as if you would put tuna on a plate but it doesn’t get eaten by other animals. Thanks again and enjoy your cat!
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Mar 29, 2018
Came over same day and addressed my concerns. Made my tree look better, remived all hazards and did a great clean up! Thank you Joe. more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Mar 12, 2018
Great customer service! Quick to respond and very understanding. more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Feb 22, 2018
Very quick to get back to me after a tree fell on my house on a Sunday. Everything was organized and finished by the afternoon. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Feb 17, 2018
Very nice and helpful company. Would recommend. Take their time with you on the phone to answer all questions so you can make informed decisions. more »
5on Facebook, Feb 16, 2018
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5on My Good Reviews - 2, Jan 06, 2018
Called back and offered help for a tough situation. Also follow-up with me to ensure my cat was rescued. Highly recommended more »
5on Facebook, Dec 13, 2017
This company provided our family with wonderful service! They were empathetic to my kids feelings about loosing their 100 year old tree and they treated us with such respect and excellence! I highly recommend this company and it’s partners. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 13, 2017
This company provided our family with wonderful service! They were empathetic to my kids feelings about loosing their 100 year old tree and they treated us with such respect and excellence! I highly recommend this company and it’s partners. more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Nov 29, 2017
Definitely a professional Joe was came out little bit late but that's when we needed him so didn't depend on the time or whatever we greatly appreciate my sister and I what he did remove dead tree stump kind of grinder to down but it's okay it's better than what it was or has been it's been a thorn you might say haha thank you Joe very professional very prompt and very friendly God bless more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Nov 17, 2017
Excellent customer service, same day service, and a job well done !!
I would recommend them to anybody.
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5on My Good Reviews - 2, Oct 24, 2017
Nothing needs to change! You are prompt, thorough and knowledgeable. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 14, 2017
Joe Phillips was wonderful! They did a great job and responded to us quickly with this last storm. Very satisfied and will definitely use their service in the future as the need arrives. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 07, 2017
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5on Facebook, Oct 02, 2017
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5on My Good Reviews - 2, Sep 29, 2017
Joe and his team were constantly accessible via phone and even text while we were trying to get help for my friend's cat that was stuck in a tree for six days. Other vendors we contacted were unresponsive, but Joe worked day into night to help us. We are grateful. I recommend AAA Emergency Tree Service whole heartedly. more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Sep 28, 2017
Joe was extremely professional and did a quality job in a timely manner. Thank you! more »
5on Facebook, Sep 28, 2017
Joe does quality work and is very professional. You can trust him to be honest and do the work in a timely manner! more »
5on Facebook, Sep 28, 2017
We live in Denver, CO and Joe did an outstanding job on our Locus trees, they look fantastic! I recommend him to anyone in the Denver Metro area needing work done on their trees. :) more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Sep 05, 2017
This company and its owner, Joe Phillips, have a huge heart. Joe worked with us on our stranded cat and got something scheduled immediately. Even though he's based in Denver, he secured a partner to help us in no time, and that gentleman was caring and professional, too. A great experience all around; if one of our cats gets into a tree again, we know whom to call. more »
5on My Good Reviews - 2, Aug 31, 2017
I appreciate the information provided that will help me support the new growth on a huge bush thought to be dead. Thank you! more »
4on My Good Reviews - 2, Aug 29, 2017
I contacted AAA emergency tree service because my cat was stuck in a tree. Over a two day period , I contacted over 20 different emergency services, animal controls, and fire stations to get assistance . AAA emergency was the only person who called me back and asked if I still needed help! My cat was saved prior to the call so I did not need service. But I'll tell you what , AAA followed thru with a call back and had very sincere staff who offered their services. If I do have another emergency, I am callin AAA tree service for sure! more »
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We are a Nationwide Network of licensed and insured tree service contractors and arborists committed to delivering "More Than Expected" on every project. We don’t just trim trees, we improve your property.

Our residential and commercial tree services include:
Any emergency tree trimming or tree removal nationwide
Same day service
Cat rescue from trees
Immediate response to citations from the city forester or your insurance company on problem trees
A proposal for non-emergency tree care services, like seasonal pruning, stump grinding and stump removal
Consultation with an arborist about any tree concerns

Our specialty is taking care of your emergency and non-emergency tree service needs anywhere in the USA, 24 hours per day. We have the technical expertise and equipment to handle even the most difficult tree trimming and tree removal projects promptly and safely. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We look forward to serving you.
Contact us on our chat line, click the map above to find your local phone number or call our toll free number at 888-630-0555.

Corporate Headquarters:
AAA Emergency Tree Service, LLC
1115 West 10th Avenue
Denver, Colorado, 80204-3903
(303) 623-6851
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